AWS is one of the key read-only integrations offered by Rapticore. Rapticore uses AWS APIs to automatically discover Cloud Assets' inventory, performs Application Discovery, IAM assessment, and posture assessment.

Rapticore regularly reviews the rights needed to operate the service and adjusts them based on the principle of least privilege. Please review all policy documents for reference.

The following policies are attached to the Role:

  • SecurityAudit - AWS Managed
  • ViewOnly - AWS Managed
  • RapticoreExtractor - customer-managed (provided by Rapticore)


Each customer AWS account monitored by Rapticore will require a separate read-only IAM role.

Rapticore does not deploy any infrastructure in the customer AWS environment and does not require any additional access other than what is granted through the read-only IAM Roles.

Rapticore follows AWS security best practices and guidelines for third-party access as described in the AWS document here.

To setup AWS Integrations, refer to our AWS Integration quick start guide.