Freemium AWS Setup


Availability and deployment

Rapticore Freemium version is only available in the Oregon/US-West-2 region of AWS. The Cloudformation script referenced here must be deployed in that region. Rapticore Freemium users can request support for additional regions by either contacting Rapticore at [email protected] or through the community Slack Channel.

*At this time Rapticore Freemium can only be deployed in AWS.



Rapticore Freemium version leverages AWS Cognito Service for authentication. To log into your deployed instance you must submit a Rapticore Freemium Download Request using the following the form available at

We are providing two different AWS Cloudformation Scripts to deploy Rapticore Freemium please choose the one that works best for your situation. If you want to contribute to improving the deployment process please contact us through the mentioned support channels.

Rapticore Freemium in a New VPC
Rapticore Freemium in Existing VPC