Standard Overview


Standard verion

Rapticore Cloud Application Security Observability Platform Standard version is always paid self-hosted version of the Rapticore SaaS offering. Rapticore Standard is the AWS Observability tool for small teams and startups.

The Standard version offers the following Capabilities:


  • Automated Application Discovery
  • Automated Threat Modeling
  • Automated Relationship creation between Code/Infrastructure/Applications
  • Security Observability Dashboard
  • AWS Cloud Billing Dashboard
  • AWS Cloud Inventory tracking and insights
  • Powerful Search functionality
  • Integrated Risk Calculator
  • AWS Account visibility
  • Manual Application Creation
  • Application Security Maturity Assessment
  • IAM Role/User/Group/Policy visibility/insights and Right-Sizing
  • Security Group Visualization and Monitoring
  • Guard duty Integration
  • Vulnerability Aggregation Module
  • YAML Cloud Configuration(Detection and Remediation)
  • Findings Module
    • Support for ECR, Inspector, dependabot, SecurityHub
    • Support for 80 vulnerability scanners supported
  • Incident Module
    • Integrated with Guardduty
    • Additional Integrations(coming)
  • Code Repository Monitoring
    • Github
    • Gitlab

Application and Cloud Posture Management:

  • Security Requirements Library
  • Cloud Configuration Checks(200 individual Checks)
  • Rapticore Custom Checks
  • CIS benchmark 1.4 Checks
  • Ability to write custom rules


  • AWS (Azure, GCP coming)
  • Gitlab and GitHub Integration
  • Jira Integration



The Version currently only supports up to 5 AWS accounts.