Rapticore Freemium in Existing VPC

The following setup will install Rapticore Freemium in an existing VPC in your AWS account. The setup process will deploy all necessary services and security groups needed.


Rapticore Freemium Terms of Service

Rapticore Freemium is provided as per the Rapticore Freemium Terms of Service . By using Rapticore Freemium you agree to the terms as noted in the agreement.

To simplify setup, we provide CloudFormation templates YAML format to facilitate the deployment.


Resources created

The setup script will create the following resources in your AWS Account:

  • Security Group with Public Inbound access on ports 80 and 443
  • IAM Instance Profile for the Rapticore Freemium EC2 Instance
  • Rapticore Freemium EC2 Instance


AWS Cost

Rapticore Freemium customers are responsible for all AWS costs associated with running Rapticore Freemium Self-hosted version. The estimated monthly cost of running Rapticore Freemium using t3.medium is US $30.46. Please note that these are estimates and the actual costs might vary.

AWS Account Configuration

AWS Console Setup

  1. Download the CloudFormation Template as a .yaml file
  2. Log into your target account AWS Management Console with appropriate permissions
  3. Go to the CloudFormation Service and click the "Create stack" button on the top right corner of the screen
  4. Select "Template is Ready" and then select "Upload a template file"
  5. Choose the YAML file you downloaded and click “Next”
  6. Enter a Friendly Name for the stack, e.g., Rapticore-freemium-stack
  7. Select an existing Public VPC
  8. Select an existing Public Subnet within that VPC
  9. Click “Next” and add any tags you may desire
  10. Click "Next" Review Details and select the acknowledgment checkbox once in agreement.
  11. Click “Create stack” and review the progress
  12. Once the stack is created, click the Outputs tab and copy the URL of the created EC2 instance.
  13. Please allow up to 5 minutes after the setup is complete for Rapticore Freemium to complete its internal setup. This is for first-time setup only.


Troubleshooting: Public IP Address Missing on EC2

In case the newly created Rapticore Freemium instance does not automatically obtain an IP address, please follow these steps:

1 - Allocate a new Elastic Public IP from the EC2 Console.
2 - Attach the newly created Elastic Public IP to the Running Rapticore Freemium Instance.


Certificate Warning

Rapticore Freemium uses a self-signed TLS certificate resulting in a certificate warning in the browser. This will be updated in the coming releases.

AWS Freemium IAM Role Integration